Ecology, Community and Wisdom

Ecology, Community and Wisdom (2012, 15 mins., 30 secs.) premiered on Earth Day at the Saskatchewan Eco Network’s Regina Environmental Film Festival, April 22, 2012. First inspired by a talk given by Dr. Helen Caldicott at the University of Regina in 2007, this video was directed by Nora Gardner and dedicated to her two daughters. ECW offers an eco-feminist view of some of the community activist endeavours over the past five years that have taken place in Regina, SK. ECW contains interviews with Andrea and Ema Gardner, Patricia Miller-Schroeder (Women’s and Gender Studies, U of R), Malin Hansen and Denise MacDonald (Regina EcoLiving), Terri Sleeva and Susana Deranger (Mother Earth Justice Advocates ((MEJA), among many other activities). Original music by Joelle Fuller. Funded by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative and the National Film Board of Canada.

About Nora G. Gardner

Born: Regina, SK. Currently working at the University of Regina as a Sessional Lecturer with International students in the ESL Program. She is continuing her studies with an M.A. in sociology, researching activism in the community, in general and climate change, ecological citizenship, and sustainable consumption, in particular.


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