MEJA Worldwide Call for Youth Testimonials


Mother Earth Justice Advocates (MEJA) calls out to all youth from the ages of 12-30 worldwide who wish to join collectively to create a message of hope and unity as well as share what is happening in their part of their world to submit testimonials on the importance of honouring and protecting everyone’s Sacred Water and Mother Earth.

MEJA is a Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada based group that advocates for the rights of Mother Earth through climate justice activities is in the process of collecting these testimonials in recognition of the urgency of the times and the immanent destruction of Mother Earth and the Sacred Water that sustains her and with the belief that the youth are the hope for tomorrow.

MEJA will showcase all testimonials on their website and has created a yahoo group for each and every person who has submitted testimonials to be able to join and further their communication and understandings of one another and the stare of Mother Earth and Sacred Water. This group is located at

Further down the road MEJA will be looking for funds to host a gathering of the youth involved in submitting testimonials in order for them to be able to meet face to face and interact with one another and Elders with the potential to collaborate to collectively and to affect positive change across Mother Earth.

Submissions will be accepted in the form of cell phone videos, youtube videos, and in written form for those who do not have access to any type of video technology.

All submissions are to be sent to .

We look forward to your submissions and know that together we can love, honour, and protect Mother Earth and the Sacred Water so that the future generations can live in a healthy world filled with abundance for all.


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