April 22 No Pipelines! No Tankers! Call to Action

No Tankers No Pipelines

On April 22, Mother Earth Day, there is a call to action for organizing rallies as a public display of growing opposition to three major pipeline projects in British Columbia.  These pipelines include: Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal, the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline, and the construction of Pacific Trails Pipeline by Apache, Encana and EOG Resources.

These three pipelines threaten to:

  • Increase the unsustainable expansion in the tar sands and fracking for shale gas.
  • Undermine local communities’ right to say “no.”
  • Wreak massive environmental damage by crossing hundreds of salmon-bearing rivers and streams, the Great Bear Rainforest and mountainous and landslide-prone-land where spills could spell ecological disaster and affect the livelihoods of those living nearby.
  • Increase tanker traffic and the risk of a spill in B.C.’s ecologically sensitive coastal waters.

What better way to spend Earth Day then by inspiring awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment? Mark April 22, 2012 on your calendars, start organizing to hit the streets, rally together and make some noise!

Solidarity actions across Canada and beyond are welcome.

More information HERE.


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